I'm not cut out for this blogging business!

I am now seriously regretting signing up for a blog. Honestly, what was I thinking!? Do I really need another responsibility? Another thing to be accountable for? I haven't posted since Friday, no Saturday? Well, its been a while at least. And still I have posted nothing crafty what-so-ever. So disappointing. I need to upload the photos from my camera to my computer so I can free up my memory card, but its such a pain in the ass because I have over 2500 pics in iPhoto and it takes 4-EV-R to load! But I also need to print out said pics because they are from Goose's birthday party and some from yesterday's freak hail storm.

ANYWAY - I hope to be in a crafty mood tonight. I doubt that I will, but a girl can hope, right?

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Kristi said...

Kelsy - I hear ya, girl. I haven't been blogging much lately, either. Can't wait to see your stuff from Gabby's birthday!

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