Backseat Driver

These are the things I get to hear since Hubs decided to teach Goose that red mean stop and green means go.

*Sitting at a stop sign, waiting for cars to pass.
"You can just go right now, Mommy."

*While sitting at a red light in a right turn lane. A car a few up made a right hand turn and the rest of the cars were inching forward.
"NO! NO mommy, is RED! NO!" Screaming bloody murder.

*When the light turned green.
"Green light, mommy. Go. Good job mommy."

And those are just the few I can remember from this mornings cars ride to Grandma's!


Pink Ink said...

Funny how the kids catch on real fast in backseat driving. :-)

Welcome to SITS:-)

Andrea said...

LOL! Mateo did that too when he learned that. It's cute at first. :D

Carolyn said...

Lol! Mads is the same. When she sees the light turn green she says, "Come on car! Go car! You can do it, car!"

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