Christmas Tags

Man, I am totally loving the digital stuff from 2Peas. There is so much variety and versatility to all of their kits. And I love that you don't need photoshop to use any of it. I use Microsoft Publisher for all of my hybrid needs. Granted, I don't edit photos, but it gets the job done!

I used the Naughty and Nice Label INC kit and I have a feeling that some of these tags may end up on some presents under my tree. Te-hee.




PS- I also got this kit yesterday and can't wait to use it. It may turn into some Christmas gifts for the Gruesome Twosome (lil sisters). Plus...... I just LOVE gnomes!


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

OMG I love that othr one u got! LOVE the mushrooms!

KelsyC said...

Grrr... not yet! I can't get any good pics of my stuff right now. Camera/lighting/weather issues you name it. But I am sending you a little "sample" with your X-mas tags

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