Cold + Rain = Ugg and Scarf Weather

It's an Ugg's kinda day and I am truly lucky enough that I live in a place where I can wear them (at least) 6 months of the year and not look like a fool with sweaty stinky feet.

These were a Christmas gift from Hubs many years ago (I was pregnant, so it was '05) and I begged and begged and begged for weeks for them. Knowing they were too expensive and knowing he would never buy them for me. But I broke him down, promised him I would wear them everyday... even in the summer. Well, that didn't quite happen, but I do love them.

I wait every year until it is cold enough to bring them out of hiding (b/c I am afraid that the dogs will eat them and Hubs would never buy me anything nice ever again, just ask why I don't get jewelry!!!) and finally my wait is over. I brought them out yesterday and wore them with skinny jeans (That I am actually skinny enough to wear.)

***RANT*** Okay, so panic attacks are kicking my ass, but I'm going to enjoy being skinny and a size 2 for as long as I damn well can because I know it won't last and I'm sure I will be back in those 8's in no time. ***RANT OVER***

Anyway, I've loved these Ugg's since I saw them on Oprah's favorite things and I love them just as much today, even if I don't wear them everyday. My next paycheck I am going to invest in an array of tights so I can wear my boots with skirts b/c it looks so cute with just the right scarf. Like the brown and white one I am wearing today!



PS - Maybe you haven't noticed, but I have been using spell check today. This is a big deal! Be proud of me!

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Julia said...

I LOVE 'em.... hmmm... maybe santa will bring me a pair! :)

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