Bigger post to come

but I am just to fricken lazy right now. Had my birthday dinner (it's TODAY 'yall) last night at Sushi Go Round. One of those places where sushi goes by on a conveyor belt and you just grab the plate you want as they go by. It was so yummy, I ate so much I was full this morning. LOL.

I got a cell phone from my dad and a D60 from Steve. I won't see my mom until tomorrow, but she is making me a chocolate fudge cake which is so yummy she could get me rocks as a gift and I wouldn't even care!




Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Kelsy!! Yeah boy, on your D60!! Tell Steve, he done did good.

That picture is some serious cuteness too!

Carolyn said...

Adorable picture!

Happy birthday! :)

p - Is the restaurant actually called Sushi Go Round?? That's too funny!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

hapy birthday and congrats on the awesome gifts! that rocks!! woohoo!
so... wheres the rest of the post??

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