Chair Make Over

I am finally getting around to organizing my craft room.  Right now, its "craft storage" and I actually craft on the couch or the kitchen table. I don't care for that room much. Its in the "attic", has horrifically steep stairs, angled ceilings, it's too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, there are mice, and it smells funny... sorry. Don complaining now.

 I got a few cans of spray paint, deciding on a red/black/baby blue/white color combination as the theme and decided my first project would be my un-assuming grey (BORING) folding chair.  

Please excuse the tacky 80's wall paper. Not my favorite... but we rent so there isn't much we can do. There are even matching curtains... puke.

First I unscrewed the padded part from the chair and covered it in some sturdy blue canvas (that I got at J's for cheap b/c of a sale AND a coupon). Since I don;t own a staple gun, I just used my glue gun generously to attach the fabric to the chair.

Then came several coats of red paint. (Notice how I didn't was paint on the parts that are going to be covered?)


Then I had to wait anxiosly for 24 hours before assembling it all, to make sure the paint was all dry. Agony! I'm not a patient person. I want it now. I like instant gratification! But I was a good girl and waited and finally today put it all back together.

Isn't she pretty?

I can't wait to show you my finished room. I won't show it to you "unfinished" like I said... its more storage right now than anything so there really isn't anything (other than a HUGE mess) to show you. Lets just say that it'd been so long since I have crafted in my craft room that I think I am prohibited from calling it that.

Well, thats all for now, but I'll be back soon!  Remember the ribbon rose tutorial I posted the other day?  I'm totally addicted and have been making them like mad, so I will be posting pics of them tomorrow.  They may even end up in my etsy store. 


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