Twice in ONE week!

Another state passes a bill to legalize gay marriage. Someone tell Miss California that, "no offense" but the whole country DOESN'T agree with you!

Maine Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Also, since we're on the topic of Miss CA, doesn't the bible also CONDONE slavery? How about women's rights (or lack thereof)? Or what about the part that says eating shellfish (shrimp... lobster... crab...) is sinful? Perhaps the part about how we are ALL God's children and He created us in his image? And wasn't Jesus's message to love all as well? Prostitutes? Lepyrs? And since we're on the subject of hypocracy... doesn't the bible also say that our bodies are temples and we should not alter them in anyway? (Hello Boob Job???)

But of course, what the hell do I know about the bible, right? I don't even go to church!

One thing I DO KNOW is that our government should NEVER use RELIGOUS MORAL VALUES (does the separation of church and state mean anything to anyone anymore?) as justification to DISCRIMINATE and deprive ANY of its citizens of ANY of their God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



Toccara Feliciano said...

I left a comment in one of your other post about this subject and As bible believers we are to stay out of politics because of the reason that it can cause us to be a hyprocrit if we say certain things. We are supposed to love all not jugde and as God gave people the right to make there own decision we should also. Adam and eve choose to eat the fruit from the tree. If we were supposed to conform to what others say and want us to do then adam and eve would have not eaten from that tree, instead God gave them a choice to choose to do right or wrong. We too have to let people make their own decisions whether we like them or not. God did it! It's not up to us to judge people we are to love one another as ourselves and make sure you got the plank out of your own eye before taking it out of someone else's. (another thought people always say that adam and eve ate the apple from the tree, but the bible never said it was an apple. It just said fruit and tv shows and movies always portray as an apple) I thought that was a little intreating and funny how fast things can be altered and add to what God really says.

KelsyC said...

Thank you for your insight! The world would be a better place if more Christian's believed as you do. Despite, what you might think, I AM a religious person, but I believe in EQUAL rights for all and I don't think that the government should have any say in it, other than to protect it's citizens from religous zelots seeking to use historical documents that our COuntry has been built on as an instuments to discriminate. It's not right and it should be stopped. Lest we forget what marriage really is but a monetary contract between two people.

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