I know...

I know. I owe you all a post, BIG TIME. I've just been momentarily obsessed with Twitter and well, just plain lazy. Plus we have been having computer "memory" issues at home which complicates uploading pics. All excuses aside though, it all boils down to me being lazy.

It's not that I don't have things to blog about (I do) or projects to post (quite a few actually) but my desire to sit on the couch and/or sleep has gotten in the way of that. Things have been all well in the Jill of all Trades house it's just... well. I'm lazy. I'm a procrastinator. I do not attempt to deny any of this.

Girl Scouts Honor, (I never was a girl scout though, too much of a tom boy!) I will at LEAST have one post by the weekend. Promise.

All lazy-ness aside, I am pretty good at keeping promises.


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