Easy like Sunday... Night...

It's 10:20 at night and I have the sudden urge to blog.  I know I have been vauge on my health issues as of late (and sorry, I really can't be more specific right now) but I was out of commission for a long time.  Too long.  And thanks to the support of my husband and family and Doctors, things are under control.

So, during the time I was sick, I missed out on alot.  Too much for my liking.  I missed out on being a wife, being a mother, being a woman, being a contributing member of society.  

Anyway,  I wasn't me.  Ask Hubs, he'll tell you... in his exact words he's "happy to have me back."  Let me tell you, there is nothing more heart breaking than trying to explain to a 3 year old that you are sick again.  I remember, nearly every day, she would ask me, "Mommy, are you still sick?" Too sick to get off the couch or out of bed.  So "out of it" I couldn't even read her bed-time stories.  

But this weekend...
  • I cooked
  • I read books
  • I took Goose to the park
  • Several times
  • Goose got a hair cut - she is becoming her own little person. I love her.
  • I had a Girls Night Out and made a really great new friend.  Bro got a girl(K)!!! And I love her! We get along great.  Family functions will be so much more fun. :)
  • Hubs... ;")
  • My PIC got a job and I am SO happy for her.  Even if it's at the 'Wreck. (Although, at some point, all of Hubs and my friends have been employed there at one point or another... LMAO) She's a barista in the Galley and the job is perfect for her.  She works with K and they get along fabulously! I knew they would... I love them both. Great women, hot as hell, I'll tell ya...
  • Me!
I really wanted to make this weekend all about Goose and me.  She's my best buddy in the world.  I trust her fashion advice (even if she would rather have the bright green boots instead or pink or red.)

Saturday, I had a KelsyC day.  I went on a date with myself and saw The Time Travelers Wife (I was supposed to go with my mom, but she had a "headache" so I went alone.)  I'm completely fine with going to a movie alone.  Especially this one.  Hubs is not fun to watch "chick flicks" with.  He tends to complain alot and make cracks at the plot holes.  Which there certainly were in the movie I saw.  I loved the movie though.  So romantic.  So sad... and yet, somehow, so uplifting at the end.  And, as I'm sure most mom's can appriciate, its just SO NICE to watch a WHOLE MOVIE uniterruped.  No talkative child... no complaining husband.  Just me and my popcorn.  Besides... I'm cool enough to hang out with other people; why can't I be cool enough to hang out with myself.  I must say... I think I am pretty good company.

But today, Sunday, was all about Goose and I.  I made breakfast on Saturday for her.  And I haven't cooked in AGES!!!  And Sunday, we had fresh blueberries mixed with vanilla yogurt and granola. Yummy.  And we went shopping; she helped me pick out some new shoes (she has pretty good taste... I am teaching her well) and we went to lunch.  Then we went to the park.

I love watching her play and playing with her.  She is so good at making friends too.  No fear, this  child has (unless its spiders) no fear.  And I adore it.  Whether it comes to jumping off toys or talking to people she doesn't know... she always jumps in with both feet forward.  And I want so badly to encourage that.  

And that explains the haircut.  I didn't think she needed one.  I could have put my foot down if I really wanted.  BUT... she wanted her her hair cut short.  And she is her own person... I learn that more and more every day.  I love her for that... and I have no intentions on ever keeping her from the person she wants to be.  Really, who am I to judge... I wanted a "boys" haircut when I was younger... I had pink hair (for reals), I really WANT her to be an individual.  I try to encourage her to like what she likes, be who she is... even if its contrary to what I want. But she isn't me.  We arent the same person, and while I certainly want to mold her and make our interests the same... its more important to me that she know I will always love her no matter what.  Pink hair, blue hair (oh, I would love to have blue hair...) softball, soccer, crafter, whatever.  She is my best girl and always will be, no matter what.  

This weekend was all about us.  I spent as much time with her as I could sanely handle.  She loves to talk, about nothing, about everything.  We have some amazing conversations, really, we do.  

I felt like a MOM this week.  Like a wife.  Like a woman.  Like a human being.  Like... ME.  And it felt SO GOOD.  Amazing, even.  I think things are becoming "normal" again.  Whatever normal is anyway, if there even is such a thing.  

I took lots of pics.  Of the hair cut, at the park... so tomorrow, be prepaired for a BIG picture post asap.  I still only have limited computer abilities at home, so hopefully I can find some time at work to get some pics posted.  

So, I shall see you tomorrow.  You have NO IDEA how glad I feel to be me again.  I missed life and my husband and daughter missed me.  I miss crafting, I miss my online friends.  But, I am starting to feel inspired again... thats a good sigh.  

I think it just might be time to take the ol'e memory card to Wally-world and get some pics printed.  I haven't felt this way in a while... but I think I wanna scrap, and soon.  I think I just may be having glue and paper withdrawals!


PS - Love those of you who have been there for me through everything! LUVS!!!!


Lacey said...

I'm glad you are feeling 'you' again! hope everything continues on the right path :) You know i'm here if you ever need to talk


roxybonds said...

good to see YOU back! sounds like an awesome weekend!!!!

Devon said...

it makes me so happy to read this post!
glad you are back :)

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