The Love Challenge - Weeks 2-4

Here is a round up of the last few weeks challenges.

Week 2
Every day this week (or as many days as you can), contact your spouse while they are at work (or home, or wherever) just to see how their day is going and ask if there is anything you can do for them (pick up dry cleaning, iron clothes, shovel the snow). Mix it up by doing a variety of phone calls, texts, or emails.
Week 3: Love Note
Come up with a creative way to say a few words from the heart. It doesn't have to be long or dramatic, but do it in a different way. Write a ransom-style note using cut up magazines, write it in the sand, wrap it in a box, deliver it to his work, or just leave it for him next to his morning cup of coffee. If you get real ambitious, do this a few times this week, with each note being different and more creative!
Week 4: On a Positive Note...
Right now (yes, right now, or you'll forget to do it later), write down a list of positive things about your spouse. Pick one of those things and compliment him on or thank him for that positive attribute that he possesses. Try to pick a different one each day and compliment him all 7 days this week!


Okay, so, week two and four were kind of difficult for me.  As far as W2, we already spend a lot of time together.  We work relatively close, so we have lunch together nearly everyday.  And with only one car, wellm we are together a lot.  And we also tweet and text throughout the day.  I always try to tweet at least one nice thing about him a day.  I use Twitter to vent most of the time, I don't want people to think he is all bad, at least not worse than anyone elses husbands. LOL!

 W4 is something I have been working on anyway.  I keep a notebook by my bed and when Hubs does something particularly sweet or memorable, I write it down.  Not so much so I can remind him, but so I can remind myself to not take him for granted.  I've tried to be more diligent about telling him those things though. And I am trying this whole new "I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself" thing, and I have been forcing myself to be more involved and helpful.  More active in my own life, not just floating through it.

W3 though, I had a little fun with.  I posted this and was so stoked to surprise him with it.  I made it at work, so he wouldn't see it in advance.  Then, I slipped it into his pocket for him to find later.  I know, its not a useful trinket, but it is a creative way to give a love note.  And he really loved it.

The quote, is from The Office, by none other than Michael Scott.
I believe it was said at Jim and Pam's wedding, but I could be wrong (but I highly doubt it).
The Office is our favorite show, we never miss it. So, while I could have picked something more poignant, I thought this was the most fitting.

"You can't stop love.
And sometimes I thing you shouldn't even try."
~Michael Scott, The Office

Steve did too.

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Julia said...

that ribbon was an awesome idea!! way to go!!! :)

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