Countdown to Moving Day

T minus 31 days until we move.

I couldn't be more excited!
We will be downsizing, sort of.  The house is smaller than where we currently live, but the space is used so much more efficiently.
There is more closet space in the master bedroom of our new house than there is in our current house (yes, the whole house.)
There is a linen closet.
And a coat closet.

It's got a pretty small yard, but there is still enough room for my picinic table in the back and room in the front for a strawberry patch.
I might even plant some flowering shade plants under those trees to the left.

It's charming!
The bedrooms are double the size of what we have now.
I'm so excited for Goose! She will actually be able to PLAY in her room!
There is a cute little nook for the kitchen table.
And the landlord said I could paint!
Yes, paint. With color!

Another perk is that its within walking distance to pretty much everything.
Several parks and the best little burger joint ever!
It's closer to work for both Hubs and I.
Closer to daycare.

Rent is going to be relatively the same, but this location is SO much better.
I really hate our current house.
The space is just all wrong. Bad energy.
And I really like our new landlord.

So this weekend (and the next few weekends) I will be packing.
And cleaning.
And cleaning and packing.
And moving.

We get the keys to our new place on the 15th of May and we will be out of our old place by the end of the month. 
I'm a little freaked out.
We've lived in our current house for five years.  And we have never attempted a move with a child in tow.  This should be quite the adventure.  Luckily, the chaos should only last a month and then we can settle into a new routine in our new house.

Wish me luck.  Oh, and if any of you know where the laundry fairy is, could you send her my way? I could really use all the help I can  get!



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