"Simple" Goals

I think I began blogging because I like to have a captive audience.  To have people listen to me.  I like ot show off.  When I first started blogging, I didn't know much about it, I still don't.  I would get lost for hours inside the pages of people's lives.  Their ideas, their projects, their children.  I wanted to include them in my life too.  And I wanted to allow those who know me to see a side of me that they normally don't.  It started with crafts, sharing my ideas, my projects and my favorite things.  I chose to name it "Jill of All Trades" because I have a hard time settling into one thing.  I love to experiment and try new things.  I'm good at them, but not usually the best. But I have fun so its okay.

My crafting passion started out as a child with beads.  I remeber going to Shipwreck with my mother and buy bags and bags of wooden beads.  I remember we put then in an old Lego briefcase and we had them for years.  I love to make my own jewelry, earrings especially.  I love to look at jewelry in stores and figure out how to make it myself.  I love to take old things and make them new. 

The more I blogged, the more different blogs I discovered.  Scrapbooking blogs, fashion blogs, indie blogs, style blogs... I didn't want to be just one blog.  I'm interested in more than one thing.  There are so many different facets of my personality I want to talk about. And I seriously lack focus!

I would love so much to become a "professional" blog.  Have more giveaways and sponsors... link parties and guest bloggers but I just don't have the time.  I'm already a full time worker, wife and mother and a part time crafter (full time crazy person)... blogging is supposed to be just for fun. Not a job.

But I like that I have gotten to the point where I have some regular(ish) features.  Mondays are my "free" day, usually updates and pictures from the weekend.  Tuesdays are my craft day, I share links and project ideas,  It's also the day I share my own projects.  Wednesday is "Working Mom Wednesday." I love Julia's meme and try to participate every week.  She's a friend and I love to give her my support. On Thursday I like to talk about trends, in clothing and crafts to whatever suits my fancy.  Thursdays are also the day I like to feature product reviews.  Its just stuff I like that I think you should know about.  Then comes Fashion Friday.  I'm trying to limit my wardrobe posts (I'm gonna get back into this!) to Fridays.  In the future, I hope to also feature some of my favorite fashion bloggers too.  And that leaves the weekend.  I don't usually post on the weekend.  Besides the fact that I don't currently have a home computer, weekends are strictly family time.  Two days a week is hardly enough time to spend with my husband and daughter.  I don't want to waste it on blogging.

Maybe someday I will have more time to spend blogging.  Maybe I can become a full time blogger and crafter but for now I think I am doing all right.  I like the lack of pressure.  I don't feel guilty when I don't blog or if I'm not "on schedule." I don't have to worry about funding or giveaways or sponsors.

All that said, I still want to be a better blogger.  A better friend.  To actually participate in the blogs I love so much.

And this has all been leading up to this...


  1. Write a blog mission statement. Hey look, already done!

  2. Comment on at least 1 blog per day. Linking this to Elsie's blog. Another goal complete.

  3. Cut the junk! Junk food, candy, pop, alcohol.  It all needs to go.  I need to make better choices. An apple instead of a candy bar. A glass of water instead of pop.

  4. Quit being lazy. I need to get off my ass and do something. I'm not just talking working out, that too.  I'm talking about the hours I spend on the couch watching TV after I get home from work.  I need to just get up and go for a walk, work on a project or *gasp* clean. 
I think those are pretty simple, right? The first two are already done.  But okay, the last two are kind of all encompassing.  We're talking a total lifestyle change here people.  In all fairness (or laziness?) maybe those aren't simple enough.  Maybe they should be even simpler?


  1. Read a book. A real, paper book. Cover to cover.

  2. Write a poem. On paper. With a pen.

  3. Make art for my walls. Put it in a frame.

  4. Make a robot. From recycled boxes. Cuz I promised Goose.
Now those look like things I can do!

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