Never Grow Up

Every time I look at this picture, I get a smile on my face.  Last Friday night, we went out for ice cream.  We each got a cone and I finished mine first.  Goose and her dad are the world's slowest eaters and so we went for a walk so they could finish up.  It was a beautiful night and we were down town, so we decided to walk the board walk.  Hubs decided he was finished with his, but there were no garbage cans in sight.  Somehow, Goose ended up with them both.

This picture is happiness. It's hearing the word YES instead of NO.  It's a Friday night. It's getting pushed higher and higher on the swings.  It's the result of two 15 year old kids growing up together instead of apart, falling (and staying) in love.

Today is my anniversary.  14 years ago at a church dance, Hubs and I had our first date.  If you would have asked either of us, where we thought we would be as we approached our 30th birthdays, I can promise you it wouldn't be here.  But here we are. And there she is.  And we are all very, very happy.

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