Like Mother, Like Daughter

If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with my other blog Loose Ends, you have probably already seen this picture.  I'm going to share it here anyway, I'm just that proud of her.

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go.  I seldom actually write in it, other than for work, but I always have it on me.  You know, just in case.  Because when I do actually have an idea or want to jot down a thought or a quote, an old crumpled receipt just won't do the trick.  It also comes in handy when we are out at a restaurant and I need something to entertain Goose.

The other night we were out to dinner and she didn't want to draw on the kiddie menu that they gave her so I handed her my notebook.  When I got it back from her, she had made this great sketch for a pair of earrings.  She said it was supposed to be a dream catcher.  I adapted her crayon drawing and made my own sketch.  You can find the full tutorial for these earrings on Loose Ends Craft Blog.

I also taught her how to make earrings a couple of weeks ago. I sat her down before hand and told her that "people pay money for mom to show them how to do what I am teaching you" and that she would need to treat it just like I was her teacher at school.  She did alright turning loops, it's a hard technique for most beginning beaders to grasp as adults, let along an 8 year old.  I also let her try the One-Step Looper tool and she loved it.  It's so easy to use!

Goose loves all manner of crafty things, just like her mama.  She loved it when I showed her the post on Loose Ends and was excited that I credited her for the design.  I can't wait to create more jewelry from her designs and to share with her all of my beading knowledge!

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