The Goose is sick!

Starting on Monday, Goose woke up with her left eye swollen so bad she could only open it up half way.  By the time we headed out the door for daycare, it looked fine.  There was no pus or discoloring, just a little swelling.  When she woke up on Tuesday morning, it looked fine, just like normal.  But I noticed right before bed last night, her right eye was a little goopy in the corner.  Then this morning, when she woke up, her right eye was crusted shut and her left eye was also a little crusty.  Both her eyes are a little on the swollen side but her right one looks especially pink. 


Just what I need.

I called the doctor and made an appointment for 10:45, it was the earliest they had.  But that okay, I didn't really want to go to work this morning anyway.  

So, like any good mom with a computer, I went to Web MD to check out the symptoms.  It looks like it could either be a swollen tear duct or... pink eye.  I've never had pink eye.  I've never wanted to get pink eye.  But its extremely contagious and I have been wiping puss out of my daughter's eyes.  

Well, I suppose I should make the child breakfast.  I'll update later with the diagnosis! 

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