Yup, its true...

Goose has the pink eye. Gross. I have to put drops in her eyes three times a day for the next five days. Do you havbe ANY idea how hard it is to get a TWO year old to let you put anything in her eyes? Yesterday when I gave her the drops, she did just fine, sat very still as I administered the "mes-in", that's "medicine" in toddler-talk. Even giggled as I dropped them in. This morning... notsomuch. She was not having any of it. After one failed attempt to do it myself, I had to call on my husband to give me a hand. We laid her on the floor and he pinned down her arms while I tried to hold her head still and put the drops in at the same time. Not so easy. She did alright though. Wipped her eyes off and gave me a look that would have made me drop dead if looks could kill.

But, mornings are never very good for us. Lets just say Goose isnt much of a morning person. She must get that from me. I've never been a morning person either. Given half a chance, I would sleep to noon everyday. Not that it's happened in the last 2 years since Goose was born, but I would in a heartbeat if I could. So take an already cranky 2 year old and pin them down and put stinging drops in their eyes and what do you get? I really cranky 2 year old with wet eyes who is now afraid that you will do it again and avoids you at all costs. That doesn't make it easy to get a coat on to go to Grandma's so Mommy won't be late for work. Yup, it was quite an eventful morning.

Ever since Google-ing Goose's symptoms yesterday I have been completely paranoid about my eyes. I DO NOT want to get it! NO! NOT AT ALL! I am already kinda freaky about my eyes. I wear contacts every day because I am too scared to get laser surgery. I am far to vain to wear my glasses (even if they are super cute Calvin Klein frames that look great on me) but I have worn them for the last 2 days. I don't want to touch my eyes if I don't have too. I have been washing my hands like crazy too. Every time I touch Goose or any of her toys. I am not getting the pink eye, at least I sure f-ing hope not!

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