Scraplift Challenge Wednesday!

This is something I have done on the private board I visit for a long time and have decided to post it on my blog as well. Every Wednesday I will post a layout that I like for you all to scraplift. I try to pick layouts that have a notable technique or design. There are no prizes or anything like that, it's not that kind of challenge. It's more to challenge yourself and think out side of the box. I know I get stuck in a rut sometimes and find that little things like this help me to get past it. Plus, it always fun to try something new!

I found this layout on Scrapbook.com and it is by the talented CGMoon, also known as Cindy. She was kind enough to let me post her layout here. When I asked her, she said she was honored to have her layout featured and I am so happy to use it for my first scraplift challenge.

I love this layout because of how very simple it is and yet it is so detailed. ANd of course the stitching! I am over the moon about stitching right now. It's one of my favorite new techniques.

Each Day is a Gift by CGMoon

Some tips:

  • just use regular old emroidery floss or switch it up and stitch with ribbon
  • sketch out your design in pencil first
  • use an awl (sharp pointy thing) to poke your holes before you start stitching

If you decide to scraplift this layout, please give credit to the original artist. Also, if you would like me to put your version up for others to view, email it to me at jillofalltradescrafts@live.com.

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