F*ck F*ck F*ck

My camera is broken. I think my life is over. Its just a crappy point and shoot (and I am hoping wishing praying) for a new camera for Christmas even though we can't afford it (mainly because I want this and really don't want to settle for less than a DSLR. I think I may try throwing it on the ground a couple of times, or blowing into it, but I think my cameras life is over. NOW what am I going to do.

I was up all night working on stuff for my Etsy and now I can't take pictures of any of it. CRAP! Grrrrr. I am so pissed. Thank God its lunch time. I need a break. I think I may go wander around Big Lots for a while. Don't need anything but I love that store. No actually, I take that back... I do need conditioner, so there.


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