Long weekend, short week, even longer weekend.

I had such a long weekend. OMFG!! Clean, clean, clean. I don't think I sat down for more than 20 minutes at any given time this weekend except to sleep. And even as I drifted off to sleep, I had cleaning on the brain. Woke up that way too. But its okay, the house needed it.

I cleaned the bathroom, both bedrooms, the living room, all the laundry (with the exception of the few loads I will finish tonight), the laundry room.

And let me tell you about the bedroom... it was bad. Not bad in that self-deprecating mommy guilt way, but REALLY REALLY BAD!! Laundry was overtaking the room, I don't know if I had seen the whole floor since we moved in. But I got all the laundry out (and washed and put away and packed 6+ boxes for goodwill) and there is actually room for a chair and a little table with a light. I have a sitting nook in my bedroom! It looks so nice!

Cleaned out Goose's closet, which was a storage nightmare. Most everything in there belonged to me and it definitely was not child safe. So I moved her toy box in there and now all of her stuffed animals live there. Gave a box of toys to Goodwill and TONS of toys and clothes to my niece, Ashlynn (who is about 4 months old). I have 6 or so boxes for her. Lots of fun hand me down stuff.

I'm planning on going through Goose's kitchen toys after she goes to bed tonight. That was one of the few things I didn't have time for. So..... looking forward to that. Oh well, its gotta be done and it had to be done before Christmas, when everyone we know will get her a toy she doesn't need. I hate this time of year (but more on that later).

It almost feels good to be at work today. Well, except for my computer caught a nasty virus and is running all funky and now won't print any thing. One printer is telling me its out of paper (its not) and the other printer has had four jobs on its waiting list since 2pm. Oh, and I can't receive or send any work emails. So, my day at work has been lame b/c I have had to deal with all of this. Tried restarting numerous times, even reinstalled the printer software with no luck. And since everything I have to do is on the computer, well, lets just say I've been bored.

We are lucky though, my boss has a nephew that's a computer whiz and he will be in here on Sunday to take a look at things and get us up and running smoothly again. I hope so anyway.


At least we had clients come in so I got to dress all professional and wear fancy shoes. I love wearing heels but I only wear fancy shoes (and "office-y" clothes) on days that clients come in. My boss doesn't care, he wears jeans all the time. But like I said, I love my fancy shoes. The funny thing is, the first time I do when I get to work is kick them off and put on my fuzzy blue slippers. Really, do my feet need to look cute all day when they can be cozy in slippers? But I really have everyone fooled b/c anytime I need to get up, I put on my shoes and look pretty and prefect.

It's a short week this week. YAY for paid holidays, right? I can't wait to get home... fifteeen more minutes! I only have a few loads of laundry left and I have been thinking about them all day. I want them DONE. I want to be say ALL the laundry is DONE.

And then... the kitchen. UGH!


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