A Photo Shoot

So I'm in the mood for sharing today it seems. I'm finally getting around to uploading and sharing my October pics. I have pumpkin patch pics to share tomorrow. But this is all I have in me before I head to bed.

Out of the 50+ pics I took, I got a few good one. Lots worthy of scrapping and a few worthy of framing. I edited them with Photobucket. I love the new photobucket. It took me a few to get it all figured out, but you can do some pretty cool basic photo editing.

I think I am finally going to download photoshop this weekend though. We got a copy from MIL ages ago and I have just never gotten around to putting it on the 'puter. But I'm finding there is more and more that I would like to do (like experiment a little more with hybrid scrapping) and just more photo editing.

Anyway, here are a few of the pics I took for our photoshoot the other day. She is doing that wonderful cheesy smile. The phase all kids go through. Somehow though, I just can't get enough of her!!!




Grump didn't want her picture taken anymore. Like I care, ha ha ha. Pouting pics are sometimes the bestest ones!

Would you like and CHEESE with that wine?


All of these pics were just taken in from of a fence in my driveway. The stump has been there since we moved in. I propped up a ladder and the pumpkins and the rest is HISTORY! LOL!

Thanks for looking!


Julia said...

omg, those pics are too adorable!! gotta love that smile! oh, and that sucks about the lasagna

Andrea said...

Your a blogging fool!! I love those pics of goose!! I especially love the cheese with wine one. That should go in a frame!

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