Another reason I love him...

I was eating the fried chicken Hubs brought home for dinner, poking around on my blog fixing links and shit. I finished eating and went into the kitchen. Apparently, the whole time I was eating, DH was performing open heart surgery on the lasagna. He was able to salvage a little less than half (think 10x10 pan into a loaf pan) it was no easy task and a far lesser man would have just tossed the damn thing. HELL, I would have tossed the damn thing. I truly don't give this man enough credit. I love him so much. Wish me luck at dinner tomorrow when I eat it that he actually did get all the glass.



Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

SO sweet! careful tomorrow! lol

Lori said...

Kelsy, that stinks that it ruined your lasagna...but no worries, I ate glass about 2 months ago and made it out ok...lol. Although I don't recommend it!

Lori (sweatshirtgirl)

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