Santa Pictures!


We saw Santa this weekend and Goose loved him. Ran right up and gave him a hug and kiss. I could tell Santa was asking her questions b/c she kept nodding her head, but I couldn't get her to tell me what was said.

'Im'patiently waiting for her turn.

Look at those blue eyes. I never could have got a shot like this with my old camera!

And for the money shot... I did buy the smallest package, $15.99 what a rip off. Found out afterward that I didn't have to buy anything. I could have just used my own pics. Oh well... next year I know not to spend a fortune on one 3x5 and 2 keychains!!!

And here we are, very sad, because we forgot to ask Santa for Play Dough.

But don't worry Santa, Mom's got you covered. ;)



Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Goose is ADORABLE! whats up with the purple couch tho??

Carolyn @ momsontheedge said...

I love her little coat. How adorable! I haven't braved the Santa pics with Maddie yet. The past two years have been disastrous, but maybe third time's a charm!

Julia said...

she adorable!! what a cutie! how awesome that she loved Santa!

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