Happy Birthday Hubs!!

My Dear Husband,

I love you so much. You are both my rock and my hard place. You are my best friend and yet I hate you so much (xoxo). No one understands (or shares) my sense of humor like you do. We are similiar in far to many ways, which must mean, since I am perfect and all, that you must be too. Tough it pains me to admit it. At least I do know that we are perfect for each other. You are the most charming man I have ever met, you were the most charming boy I had ever met. This is our 10th b-day spent together and I look forward to all of the birthdays in the future. I fall more in love with you every day (except maybe for this morning) and could not ask for a better husband or father to my child. You are so important to Goose and I and we wouldn't trade you for the world. I love you! Happy Birthday, you old fart!


Mrs. V ;)

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Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Happy Bday and congrats on the name change!

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