Christmas Crafts.

Okay, so I know its a little late but what can I say...  I was busy, lazy, snowed in, sick, pissed off, lazy/busy (2 b-days, 1 anniversary, 5 Christmases and New Years, busy).  I had planned on doing all kinds of cool tutorials for the handmade X-mas stuff I did but, lah di dah, here comes life and I just never got around to it.  So, just to let you know that I am not a craft-fraud, I actually make stuff.  Goose and I even made some Cinnamon Dough ornaments but I forgot to take pics of that.  (And we were both pretty messy and I had no one else to take a pics for me.)  

Wacky tacky Dollar store wreath.


"V" wreath. Made from extra tree cuttings and holly from the yard.

Glass Glitter ornaments.
Mini tutorial.
Step 1, coat clear (or not) ornament in modge podge.
Step 2, cover in glitter, let dry at least 24 hrs.
Step 3, add another coat of MP and allow to dry completly
Step 4, add ribbon and hang on tree.

This first one I only waited and hour or so before trying to put my second coat of MP on and the glitter smeared, thus the strategically placed embellishments. LOL! I think they look good both ways.



Most of the other crafts I worked on in December were for gifts and those should all be posted shortly... as in whenever I get around to it. LOL!  I even got a couple of LO's done. Can you believe it?


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