My car is broken... again.

Hubs and I are lucky enough to know a mechanic (close family friend of Hubs' parents and by default us as well) who will let us make payments on the work we've had done on the car, and cut us any deals he can... but for the last year it has been nothing but problems with my car!

First it was tires in March. Fine, routine, okay. Then, it was a tie rod this summer. Then in October it was the timing belt and the water pump. Now, it's something with the radiator.

We can't take it in yet though b/c we still haven't paid off the work he did last time. I want to cry.

We are still not even caught up from Christmas. I didn't get my bonus this year (nor did my boss tell me he wasn't giving me a bonus, I'm his only employee... and my health insurance was cancelled), I know we've been slow but I've gotten one the last 5 years so I was kinda counting on that money.

Oh, and my tabs are expired (last month) and we haven't had the money to get new ones b/c of all this random sh*t. Grrr... so not a happy camper today.

At least my car is still driveable as long as I don't let it overheat. So as long as I carry 2gals of water in the car at all times, I think I can still make it to and from work with no problems... at least for now... I hope...


PS - Good news to look forward to tonight... new LOST!!! My TV will be tuned in and ready, how about you? Any other LOST junkies out there? Whoo Hoo!

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Julia said...

I LOVE LOST too!!!!!

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