I have my child back!

Goose has been sick since WEdnesday. At first it was just a slight fever.  Then that moved to a higher fever then on Friday, she started to have goo leaking from her eyes and nose. Icky.  Still feverish and totally not my child.  She was crying at the drop of a hat, very sleepy and yet not sleeping through the night.  I haven't had a good nights sleep in days.  

So yesterday we took her to the Dr. and he said it was Conjunctivitis aka PINK EYE! Again! and Viral at that so there isn't an antibiotic they can give her.  Just Tylenol and Motrin.  

Last night wasn't any better.  Hubs and I just put her in our bed from the get go.  Me planning on sleeping on the couch and him in bed.  But she was still up every hour or so and I had Nemo running in a constant loop.  I don't think it was until about 6 that she went to sleep for good.  I got up at 9:30, finally tired of tossing and turning and Goose slept till 11.  

Let me tell you, its like she is a different child! She is playing nicely BY HERSELF in her kitchen having a picnic.  Her eyes look much better, the right one is still a little red and nose a little runny but her eyes are sparkling today.  Not that blank sick looking at nothing stare.  

So it seems, hopefully, that we are over the worst and Hubs and I are hoping she will sleep in her bed tonight.  All night.  


PS - I was able to score that green skirt I told you about on Friday!

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