There you are, Good Friend...

I've missed you.

At the advice of my counselor, I go for a walk every day at work. Well, twice a day, actually. There is a hill near my office and during my AM and PM breaks I walk... up the hill and back down in 15 minutes.

It's my time. On some days, it is the only "ME" time that I get. With a job, a child and Hubs all demanding my attention, I crave "ME" time. I crave my walks. It's my only chance to get outside and I am able to clear my head of the claustrophobic feelings I get sitting in my office at my desk all day.

15 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. That is until the blizzard hit in mid December. Then the freezes. Then the torrential rain. Not to mention a couple of paid holidays thrown in for good measure.

Today, I went for my first walk since mid December and it felt so good. Feeling the stretch of my muscles and the cold air biting at my lungs. As I took my first steps up the hill, I realized just how much I missed walking. How much I needed walking, needed to be out doors, needed to be in the fresh, crisp air.

The cold doesn't bother me, I have a nice coat and gloves and a (strange love of) hat. I even have a cool vintage "old-lady" umbrella if it's sprinkling (I can do a little mist, but it it's pouring count me out!). I'm looking forward to this spring when the birds will be chirping and I can't wait for summer to work on my tan while I walk.

Lets just say I can't wait until 3:15 (break time!!) so I can go on my afternoon stroll.


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