I tried... I really did.


I tried not to buy you, but I was in love. When you were first listed on Monday, I knew I wanted you immediately. ButI need another scarf like I need a hole in the head... but it was SO pretty. And PURPLE! But I restrained myself (well, the empty checking account helped alot too). I checked on you every day, making sure you weren't sold. No, still there, as if saying "Buy me Kelsy, you deserve it!" And yet STILL I restrained myself.

Then last night, inside my half of the fortune cookie that came with our Chinese food (the other half was graciously shared with Goose), the deal was sealed. My fortune read...

"You will find power with the color purple this week."


Who know what that means, but it was enough for me. It was out of my hands, fate sealed the deal. I mean, c'mon... it was written in a fricken FORTUNE COOKIE for sh*ts sake. That scarf was supposed to belong to me!

So today, after depositing my paycheck, I checked DreamsOfMay's Etsy Store one. more. time. And it was still there. See, meant to be. I told ya.

Now, its on its way to my door and will be warming my neck very soon.



Devon said...

i love it! Its making me want to live in the cold weather so i can wear scarves :)

Tessa said...

soo cute i love the color!

Keels said...

That scarf is adorable Kelsy!! Love your post too...hehehe!!

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