I'm cheap AND crafty!

So do you want the cheap part or the crafty part first?



Got some new, super cute YELLOW shoes from Target and a shirt to match. Both $10 and I just couldn't resist the yellow shoes (the shirt was just to match... hehehe) I stood in the shoe section for what seemed like HOURS with one black shoe on my left foot and one yellow shoe one my right. On one hand, the black ones were practical and I would undoubtedly would get more wear out of them... but the yellow ones were SO CUTE. And impractical. But CUTE. So I went with those. They have a small kitten heel but still look like a flat. And I'm short so I don't really do flats... unless they are flip flops... (but thats a whole different post here... wait 'till summer and I will devote a whole post to them.)


Totally loving the ruffles and the bow. I have been wearing them for 2 days straight (not quite, but almost). I keep looking at my feet and smiling, and apparently telling Hubs how much I love them b/c we just had a conversation that went a little like this...

Me: I'm so happy I bought the yellow ones!
Hubs: Yeah... (sarcastic tone)... I can tell.
Me: So what... I like them.
Hubs: They're cute... (still sarcastic)
Me: Ugh... I don't care what you say... I LOVE them.
Hubs: I love you.
Me: giggle 
*goofy smile*

How does he still get me like that! Right down to the butterflies in my stomach (note to self: you know you are a mom when you almost type "tummy", not sexy) and shivers down my spine.

Anyway, we are getting off topic. So, this purse I got at Goodwill, $5, nice and its reversible, sweet. I like the red side right now, it looks super cute with the ribbon roses I made.  (Experimenting with the self timer here, so... sorry for the blur...)


I've been making a ton of them. I even made some to sell in my shoppe. I think they turned out pretty cute, if you ask me.



Some of these are to keep, some are to sell. I'm trying not to keep all the REALLY CUTE ones ya know and put them in my store, but that sh*t is hard. I love crafting... but parting is such sweet sorrow. LOL. I am keeping this one though...


... because it looks cute with this outfit and my yellow shoes!



Tessa said...

super cute shoes, i love flats i have about 6 or 7 pair.

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Loving your blog lately! GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! I need to take more pictures w/ my new camera!!! :)

Carolyn said...

Are you selling ribbon roses on your etsy? Because I LOVE them. I have to go check. So cute!

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