In other news...

Aparently Paris Hilton has a scrapbook line that was released at this winter's (or spring?) CHA. Now, from the pics I've seen the line doesn't look all that bad. Not that I would ever personally scrap anything with "Paris Hilton" scrawled all over it, or heaven forbid her face, oh Lord that woman's face drives me nuts!

Don't you hate how she always wears clothes with her face or name on it? Anyway, we're getting off topic...

So, I encourage you to check out the link above. Some of her line actually looks girly and fun and VERY bling-y. Which, is not a problem for me by any chance. And from one of the "interviews" I read, it seems like Paris is a pretty hard core scrapper, so all the more power to her!

Although, I must say that I am not so proud to have something in common with Paris Hilton. Hahaha!


PS - Thanks to Red Oak Lines for pointing this out to me. I had to check it out on my own!


Anonymous said...

I saw the line at CHA and it was pretty cute! I might actually buy and use some, but yea not thrilled to say im using her stuff! lol but i was suprised I didnt hate it!

SSShasta said...


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