Feeding Frenzy...

First off let me say that Jessica Simpson is a very beautiful woman. She looked smokin' when she did car washing video in the red bikini. Yes, she has gained some weight, not much... 20 pounds at most... but she is still an extremely pretty (and famous and rich and her BF is super hot, even if I'm not a Cowgirls fan) girl. Personally, I like her better this way, rather than all twiggy.


That said, WTF is she wearing? Who told her she looked good in mom jeans and a boob-fat squishing tank top... tucked in... with an 80's-ed out belt (or two?). If her stylist put her in that... she should be fired. If J-Simp put that outfit together all on her own, she should be slapped... hard. No really... it's terrible and she looks terrible in it.

So her little (and less famous) sis Ashlee needs to shut the F*CK up and realize that if her Jess had better fashion sense no one would be having this conversation in the first place.

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