Sewing Tutorial


Okay, so I still haven't broken out the sewing machine I inherited from MIL... but I am totally addicted to buying fat quarters! I use them personally to make my fabric brooches (in my shoppe), but even before I started making those, I always loved buying fabric. Not being able to use large quantities (unless you count the curtains I made with stitch-witchery) fat quarters, and remnants! are a great way to still enjoy pretty fabric.

So while browsing Craftzine this morning I came across this awesome tutorial from We Wilsons! It is for a purse that uses ONLY one fat quarter of fabric. Its a pretty darn cute bag too. The pattern looks pretty simple. I think I can handle a project like that!



SSShasta said...

This is adorable, I may have to try it ;)

KelsyC said...

Let me know if you make it! You better post pics on your blog!

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