Scrapping and Crafting with Goose

Mommy's little Scrapper-in-Training (she's potty training too, but I think we are closer to becoming an expert scrapper than to using the big girl potty)

Now that my scraproom is clean, I can atually have Goose up there with me. Obviously it was too messy, not to mention completely unsafe for any human to inhabit before. But now that its clean, thats not so much a problem anymore. The coffee table is tucked away normally, but I can easily pull it out for Goose to use.

First we tried coloring (I have a stash of color crayons and books up there) but she wasn't that into it. So we brought her blocks up but she REALLY wanted to scrap like Mommy. I let her loose with some scrap paper and a glue stick, which she promply broke. Then I gave her another one, and she broke that one too. Good thing those suckers are cheap! LOL!

But, thanks to the TV, Goose was entertained long enough for me to get some inchies done for a swap. I was stumped at what to do at first but they turned out cute. They are so little (just an inch) and I can't wait to use them on pages!

Girl Inchies(from the new DCWV Green Stack)

Boy inchies (from the new DCWV Green Stack)

Anything Goes inchies, these are made from a vintage map of my home/neighboring state.

These brooches I didn't make yesterday, just recently...

But they should be in the store shortly! Just thought I would share them with you all since I am doing a crafty post.




Jodie said...

That's how I get so much done the boys scrap with me~

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Oh love the swap items, too bad I am not in that swap! What a cutie scrapper in training!!! :)

Pattie Cordova said...

LOL... is that a candy necklace she's wearing? way cute!

KelsyC said...

Oh ya! We love the candy necklaces at our house! She does a pretty good job of just wearing them... most of the time...

Carolyn said...

So cute! Candy necklaces are my fave.

AND - guess what arrived in the mail this week?? The brooches I ordered off your etsy! I was so excited, and I love them! I put one on my bag and another on Maddie's toque - I'll try to take a pic if she agrees to cooperate and wear it, it's the cutest ever.

And the clips for Mads, you're too sweet. Thanks, Kelsy! :)

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