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Today, thanks to Patti at Vintage Mafia, I found the most amazing thing! They are called Anti-Theft Lunch Bags! Made of reusable and recyclable plastic and are designed with big green splotches on either side, made to look like mold. (And right now they are on sale with a 5% donation to Freedom From Hunger.)

And as I sit here looking at my "I love Jim" coffee mug (yes, I am that much of an Office dork and YES, I DO have the whole set!) I am inspired to think of Jim playing (a) hilarious prank(s) on Dwight using these bags as his set up.

Let us reflect on some of Jim's more memorable pranks... from this season, my favorite so far is Jim attaching the red wire to Dwight's desk and running it through the parking and up a telephone pole. And then of course, (from season 3 I think) when Jim gradually added nickels to Dwights phone then removed them one day, thus making the phone so much lighter, Dwight smacks himself in the face with it. How could I not add the classic, from the pilot episode, when Jim put all of Dwight's office supplies in jello.

My personal favorite, I must say though, was the cold open in which Jim came in dressing and acting like Dwight... in fact... I already blogged it and you can view the clip ---> here.

Anyway, I can just imagine Jim buying these then replacing Dwight's sandwich bag every day and then give him some ruse about how the fridge is haunted or something like that. That is, if Dwight brings something other than Beet salad for lunch.

Or perhaps Jim would eat his (tuna) sandwich out of the bag therefore freaking Dwight out. Because, although it's never really been addressed on the show (unless you count the "Survivor Man" episode from last season, in which Dwight saved Michael from eating the poisonous mushrooms), I would be willing to bet everything that Dwight has a vast knowledge of all things fungi. Or at least he thinks he does... Dwight is a little "endearing" in that way.

So, The Office producers, if you happen to be reading this, remember where you saw it. I don't require any monetary compensation if you wish to feature my ideas on your show, a small reoccurring guest role would be fine with me. Or even just a one episode spot? Or even just lunch with Jim and Pam?!? I mean... John and Jenna! Okay?


PS - I'm serious about the compensation... no, really... I'm serious.


Pattie Cordova said...

I do love The Office... hanging in my space is a "That's what she said" mouse pad... dead serious.

KelsyC said...

He he he... I also have an I Love Jim mousepad..... and post it notes..... magnents.... ummmmm... yeah, obsessed!

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