Peace for Caylee


As some of you know, I have been following the Caylee Marie Anthony case since I first learned about it in August.

For a bit of a recap, Caylee went missing on June 16th. Her young mother, Casey (22), never reported her missing. Casey lived her life for a month with not a care in the world, partying, stealing from her best friend (she is also currently facing check fraud charges) all the while telling everyone she knew that Caylee was with the "nanny" (who never even existed) or with her parents. When Casey's mom/Caylee's grandmother, Cindy, finally confronted Casey on July 15, all hell broke loose. Cindy and George (Casey's parents) had picked up Casey's car from the impound, where it had been for nearly 3 weeks, reeking of death.

Casey was arrested, then let out, then rearrested, then let out, then after a Grand Jury hearing, she was arrested again for Caylee's murder. George, a former law enforcement officer, had to testify against his own daughter at the hearing. And the Grand Jury came back with an indictment against Casey for Caylee's murder.

The more documentation that come out in the case (check Investigation Discovery for all the details!), the guiltier Casey looks. She has shown little remorse and literally every word that has come from her mouth has been confirmed to be a lie. Her attorney, Jose Baez (who seems to be of a questionable nature himself), claims that once Casey has had a chance to tell her story we will all understand. I find that hard to believe...

Then in early December remains of a small child were found not more than 3 miles from the Anthony home. And then after weeks of anxiously waiting, the remains were confirmed to be Caylee's. More information came out and we learned that the skull was wrapped in duct tape covering the mouth and had a heart sticker placed on the mouth area. The tape had to be cut from the child's hair to be removed. There is only one reason I can think of for taping up a child's mouth and it's absolutely heart-breaking.

And finally today, the Anthony family has laid Caylee to rest. Her public memorial was shown live on CNN. I watched the last half of it online once I got to work and cried most of the time. I don't know what it is about that little girl from Orlando, Florida (a whole world away, it seems) that has captured my heart in such a way. And of couse, her selfish mother released a statement saying she was against the public memorial.

Maybe it's because I can see so much of my daughter in her. Goose is the same age now that Caylee was when she went missing. Maybe, its because, in some weird way, I identify with Casey. We are both young mothers, have friends who are out partying. I understand the frustrations of toddler-dom and the demands that it makes on your sanity. Granted, that is, thankfully where the similarities end. Or maybe, its just that this case has been so damn bizarre from the get go that the Forensic Scientist (oh.... my dream job...) in me couldn't help but be drawn to it.

In a few months, or perhaps longer if the Prosecution is granted their motion to change the trial date (currently set for March, I believe) or if the Defense is granted their motion for change of venue, Caylee will get real justice. Because I have faith in the American Justice system, and law enforcement officers, and the forensic investigators, and the prosecutors to give her that justice. And because I have faith that the Jury will see the strong physical and circumstantial evidence for what it is and come back with a one word verdict... GUILTY.

But for now, I will take peace that Caylee has been brought home. Caylee has finally been given the farewell that she deserves, but that no two year old (or family of a two year old) should ever have to go through. I'm not much of a praying person, but I will say a prayer for Caylee today, and I see none more fitting than the Child's Prayer.

Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Caylee, I'm sorry your mother didn't love you enough. I'm sorry you were raised by a sociopath. I want you (and your family) to know that there are many people who have been just as touched by your story as I have been. You will always have a special place in my heart.


I'll make sure and give Goose an extra hug for you tonight and every night.
You will not be forgotten!


Lacey said...

omg how sad! i am speechless!!

Anonymous said...

I am in tears after reading this post...I can't imagine a mom that would do this to a precious little girl...and then live the life she lead afterwards and her statements to date.

I will never understand someone who does not want a baby or child to kill them vs. giving them up for adoption or someone in their family to raise them.

Thank you for telling the story so well, I am in tears now for Caylee.

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