Maybe it IS spring after all?

And I think it may look a little something like this:

A happy Goose blowing bubbles (and a happy mommy to finally have a camera that captures BUBBLES!)


A happy Molly-dog... she loves anything "ball" shaped, including bubbles.


Just enough sun in the back yard to set up our lawnchairs.


And two thankful girls who were not in the way of... well... THAT!


Yup... it may have been a perfect Sunday afternoon.

And this was all after we went to see Monsters v. Aliens in 3D, got a new helmet and teddy bear from Goo Goo (Grandpa, my dad) AND McDonald's, AND testing out our scooter because today has been the first sunny day in ages.


Even if Goose didn't end up taking a nap.

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Julia said...

those pics are FANTASTIC!! i love the last one and how the focus is on the dog, but you can see Gabby cracking up in the background. maybe i can convince my hubby to get me a super duper camera!!!

Andrea said...

Seriously those last couple of pics are awesome!!! I love the dog with it's mouth wide open, waiting for a bubble, and my favorite is the last one.. Love that you can see Goose in the background cracking up!

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