1 in 31 American Adults in Prison System

Now let me ask you this...
is the answer longer prison sentences or rehabilitation?

The numbers quoted in this article reflect a disturbing trend...

"...one of every 11 black adults is under correctional supervision, one of every 27 Hispanic adults, one of every 45 white adults..."

I try not to talk about politics (or religion) on this blog but I guess my college studies (Criminology, Psychology, and Forensics) made this particular article strike my interest.

So I leave you with this quote from the article by Adam Gelb of director of Pew's Public Safety Performance Project...

"New community supervision strategies and technologies need to be strengthened and expanded, not scaled back," he said. "Cutting them may appear to save a few dollars, but it doesn't. It will fuel the cycle of more crime, more victims, more arrests, more prosecutions, and still more imprisonment."

Off my soapbox now. :")


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