I want my Baby Back...baby back...baby back!

On Tuesday night Hubs, Goose and I went out to dinner with the IL's, they had been gone for a couple weeks and just got back into town so we hadn't seen them for a while and they took us out to dinner.

At some point during dinner, they brought up that they wanted to upgrade their RV and were going to drive to Montana to do it. (Aparently there is some loophole that will allow them to buy w/o tax? IDK?) Well, MIL asked (I think just jokingly at first) if Goose wanted to go with them.

Hubs and I looked at each other and I had to ask "Are you serious? You're serious, right?" Dandy (aka FIL) didn't seem quite on board with the idea but MIL was all gung-ho and she usually gets what she wants. LOL.

So yesterday morning Hubs and I packed up the little bird and sent her off with MIL. I know she is going to have so much fun with her Grandparents but walking into a childless house is hard. Especially seeing her little bed, all empty at bedtime. On the plus side though, Hubs and I just loafed around and I scrapped for a while last night. I got a LO done, but I can't show it to you quite yet. It's for a contest and I won't be able to post it 'till um... next Friday?

Anyway, the house is so quiet, eerily quite. There are all these toys around but no child to play with them. I can't say that Hubs and I didn't spend a good portion of time talking about how much we missed her laugh, her smile, her face. We found the way to pass some time though. Adult time, alone in the house, very loudly. ;")

Goose will be back sometime on Saturday. Hubs and I are thinking of hitting the bars on Friday night, something we haven't done in approximately 3 yrs and 9 mos. We might just meet up afterwork and do a happy hour. I can't say I've ever been to a happy hour. (I got preggo about 6 mo. after I turned 21 so.....)

As much as I am enjoying the alone time with Hubs and just the overall change of pace, I miss her and I can't wait to be mommy again. That's not to say I won't enjoy my time while shes gone (and I'm sure she's having a BLAST too!), but I can't wait to devour every last piece of her when she gets home on Saturday!!!!!!



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Toccara said...

Awe my kids went to my sister in law's for the night last night and I did miss them and enjoy my time alone! it's not a bad thing! enjoy yourself hubby and wife need alone time

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