In and Out

No, not the burger place, although, even at 10 am a big juicy burger sounds AMAZING!

No, I'm talking about the computer.

It's still randomly turning off, then not turning back on. And then it will turn back on. But only when Hubs does it. Maybe he is the magic one.


Right now, its working so at least thats a plus. You know how I hate being without my Internetz.

Especially when Hubs is gone. He had to go to P-land (Portland, OR) to drop of his ATV engine with some guy on his Raptor forum that is doing something to it. Hubs told me, but anytime he starts talking ATV, my eyes glaze over and my brain goes numb. He feels the same about my craftin' so we are all good. LOL.

Anyway, got a friend and her 3yo son coming over today and we are going to dye eggs, drink coffee (for us) and Capri Sun (for the kids) and hang out. And I think once the movie (Tinkerbell, have you seen it? It's TOO CUTE!) that we are watching is over, we might go outside.

It's finally sunny! It's supposed to break 60 degrees today. WeeeEEEEeeeeE! I love the sun, time to break out the flip flops.

I plan on taking lots of pics and reporting back to you all tomorrow. That is, at least, if I can keep the 'puter working long enough to upload pics. LOL!


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