:( Bummer, Dude.

I had a play date set up for today and she blew me off.  For the second week in a row.  I am majorly bummed.  I feel like have no friends.

I'm going to throw myself a pitty party now.  

Hubs did say we could dye eggs after dinner tonight, but its really not the same.  I boiled 2 doz. eggs last night and was really looking forward to finally having a friend to hang out with.  (I have friends, just very few of them are mommies.)

It's really too bad too, since Goose and her son get along really well and I'm sure they would have had a blast.  I doubt I'll have any pictures to show off tomorrow.  

Bye for now. 


Katt said...


That really stinks. Not only for you but for the kids as well. Why can't people at least call and make up an excuse instead of just ignoring it?

Take pics anyway! Have your hubby take some pics! You will want to remember it anyway! And most important make it FUN!

KelsyC said...

Well, she did call and give a lame excuse, but two weeks in a row? It sux cuz I kinda figured she would do this so I didn't even tell Goose the plans for today "just in case" cuz she was so upset last week when they didn't come to the movie.

Kristi B. said...

aaawww...that totally sucks. I always get nervous about mentioning playdate plans to my son too just in case something happens. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd totally come over. We could play gnomes! :)

Julia said...

major bummer!! i will totally move across the country to be your IRL Mommy friend!! Hannah and Goose will get along great!

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