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I listen to a radio show every weekday morning called Jackie & Bender on KBKS KISS 106.1 in Seattle. They are syndicated online so you can listen to them anywhere from 6-10am (PST).

Anyway, Bender, one of the hosts is obsessed with Twitter. He figured that since Ashton Kutcher and Hugh Jackman (real, HOT celebrities) were going to host charity stuff from their Twitter pages, why couldn't he.

Here's the deal... for every Twitter follwer Bender gets between now and May 27, he will donate $.05 to Seattle Children's Hospital. You don't have to listen (but you should), you don't have to like him (but you might), all YOU have to do is sign up to be a follower on Twitter.

Visit GetBenderNow on Twitter and sign up! It really can't get any easier to help out sick kids, right?


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