Rise to the Challenge - Week 3

I can finally share my RTTC-Week 3 LO with you all. I really like how it turned out, but the judges were kind of harsh this week. Here was the challenge:

Focus on the Photo
Create a LO that the Photo(s) are the center of attention! Make sure your Photo is the focus of the LO. Higher points if you can add close up detail to your Photo by focusing in on one area of the main photo with an additional close up photo. (I don't see where it says ANYWHERE that one photo had to be bigger or smaller than the other OR how we were supposed to distinguish between the "focus" photo and the main photo. But just like on American Idol... NEVER argue with the judges b/c it just makes you look like an ass and a douche!)

Other requirements:
Technique - Doodling, you must doodle on your page....be creative!
Your page must include a pocket
Must include an arrow on your LO

Here are the 5 catagories the Judges used to rate our LO's:
1. Over All LO Creativity (1-10)
2. Photos (Focus of the LO main photo 1-5, higher points for close up photo 6-10)
3. Use of technique (doodling) (1-10)
4. Additional page elements (pocket & arrow) (1-10)
5. Page Coordination (ie. PP matches, colors work together, photo correlates to the page elements) (1-10)

Here is my LO:
Some Close Ups:

And the Judges' comments:
Kelsy 34
I love this LO and the lower score is because of the lack of a close up and minimal doodling. Beautiful job!
Cute, playful LO, goes with the pictures well!
I love how everything works together in this LO, and I love how you cropped it closer for the bigger color shot. That is a GREAT pic, too!
This is a gorgeous LO. Love the title, and the huge picture. Unfortunately the second pic wasn't exactly what was asked for so I had to deduct some points for that. Overall great job.

So I get that I lost points for not doodling. I admit, I totally forgot about that till the end and just threw some on. But I'm kinda upset about losing points over the pictures. I feel like I did what they asked but put a different creative spin on it (see the underlined portion above... at least one of the Judges got what I was doing) but aparently, with the exception of one, the other Judges felt I did not follow directions correctly. Oh well... my guess is that this will be my low score that gets thrown out. It sucks to get such a low score on a LO I totally LOVE!



Julia said...

it is an AWESOME LO. score is totally not reflective of that. great job Kelsy!!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

What an awesome layout! I love how fun and funky it is!

~Erica~ said...

Totaly agree! Its soooo cute! The judges are so harsh!!

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