An Unexpected Vacation

Hubs just called me at work to tell me that our computer at home won't turn on.

When he tries to turn it on, it goes to the gray loading screen then shuts back off. So... I may be taking a short little break from blogging while we figure out whats wrong with the computer and somehow find the money to fix it. Because yall, I can't live without my internetz!

Sure I can still blog from work, but I can't upload any pics or anything, so I can't really share any projects unless you all mind crappy cell phone pics. (And I really hope you don't!)

Be on the look out for lots of Twittering, or is it Tweeting? Whatever! LOL! Anyway, I will probably be doing lots of it since I can just do that via text from my phone.

Please cross your fingers for me that Hubs is just missing something (he really isn't that observant so it wouldn't be the first time) and that my Mac will be magically working by the time I get home in about an hour.

Or that I will be so awesome that all I have to do is lay my hands on it and it will turn on, but I doubt it. Today hasn't really been my day for technology, no really, just ask BOTH of my copy machines at work!


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