Upcycled Vintage Leather Bag Tutorial

This is the first time I have ever done a craft like this.


I have this fabulous vintage bag that I got a while ago (for $4 from Fun Junk, my favorite-est place EVR) but I've always thought it needed a little sass. So I turned to my trusty internetz friend Google and searched "painting leather" and came up with several great links.

I especially like this one.
This one is pretty good too.
There is some useful information in this link as well.

1. Decide on the image you want to paint. I wanted to use a silhoutte of Goose. Let me tell you, getting her to sit still for the pic was probably the hardest part! I printed out the image and cut it out.

2. I didn't have any leather cleaner at my disposal but in one of the many links I visited yesterday I recall one saying you could use acetone (the main ingredient in fingernail polish remover). Since all I had was nail polish remover, thats what I used. I put some onto a cotton pad and lightly cleaned my work area.

3. Place your image and trace it onto the bag. (If I could have found my clear contact paper, I would have cut a stencil, I think the painting would have been easier that way.) I outlined my image in a white paint pen.

4. Gently scuff up the area you wish to paint with a fine grain sandpaper. This will help the paint stick.

5. Apply a thin base coat. I found a multi-purpose sealer made by Deco Art and a white water-based acryilic paint for porus surfaces made by Folk Art. I mixed equal parts of paint and sealer and made a base coat. This sealer is specific for adding "maximum adhesion" to acryilic paint when mixed and is a sealer when used by itself.

6. Apply 2-3 coats of the paint/sealer mixture depending on your desired coverage.

7. Apply one coat of sealer only.

8. Embellish (and let paint dry overnight)

9. Enjoy!

Since this is the first time I have ever done this, I'll keep you updated on how the bag holds up. I can tell you that I have done some "product testing" myself, including a scratch test and water test, and it seems to be hunky dory!




Andrea said...

Great job Kelsy! Love the silhouette!

Julia said...

great idea!!! love how you embellished the ponytail!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!

Heather said...

Too cute! Great idea!

SSShasta said...

That silhouette is FAB!

KelsyC said...

FYI - Months later and paint is still holding up great!. I have gotten TONS of compliments on it too! Very cool!

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