Last Chance

To win a super fantastic scrapbooking kit just for being a loyal reader. Just tell me your favorite children's story and quote!

Last day to play!

Winner announced tomorrow!


PS - Thank you all for making this so hard to choose a winner! There are so many good books that have been listed that I love too! And the ones that I haven't read, are certainly going to be put on our library list! We love books @ our house!!!


Crystal said...

We are such book people that mine changes all the time. Right now Rebecca is into the book "Daddy's Girl." The last poem in the book is about a Daddy and his daughter dancing and he says, "This is a dance I used to do long ago, before I knew that there was you. I don't think about long ago, oh baby cause I love you so!" At the end he tells her "And once in a while, whenever you can, think about your old man" (in reference to her growing up). Such a sappy, sweet book. Little girls and their daddies make me tear up!

Bonnie said...

My favorite book as a kid was The Hungry Catepillar. "and he ate and ate and ate". I think that is what it says. LOL

Kristine Robinson said...

One of my fav's is a poem called "Little Orphan Annie" and it is all about manners and the repetitive line through out is "The goblin's will get cha if you don't watch out"...My mom used to read it to me and one of my girls ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!

Oh yeah, I also love the line "hey you you wanna fight" from the Very Angry Ladybug by Eric Carle

Toccara said...

I can't wait to see who won! Iam excited!

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