Weekend Thrifty-ness!

Went to Funk Junk again this weekend, hit up Goodwill too. Nothing like some good thrift shopping to put a crafty girl in a good mood.

I think my favorite purchase was this cuff bracelet:
I especially like how each end looks like a bullet, now that's hardcore!

This week she had a trunk of jewelry that was all buy one get one. I think I got 10 things for $15. Not too bad.

There were some neat brooches:

This nautical one especially struck my fancy. It'll be a great addition to another leather bag I am painting.

I also love these clip-on earrings, although I think I may be giving them a new life as a pendant or brooch perhaps, maybe both! (With chunky turquoise and gunmetal findings... I can just see it now!)

I also scored a straw hat (great for sunning) some other little necklaces and do-dads... and this rad shirt:

Being a Washington gal, I was WAY into the whole grunge mid-90's flannel Nirvanna era..... and now flannels are coming back into style (well, if you ask Nicole Ritchie... but I think she is quite fetch!) and I have long gotten rid of all my cool ones. Time to re-stock at a bargain!

Sure, I could spend $50 on a vintage flannel knockoff at Quicksilver... but WHY would I want to when I can buy a REAL vintage flannel for $3 at Goodwill? Answer me that!

I often wonder what it says about me that I would rather wear rad vintaged/thrifted duds than the name-brand shit from Nordstrom?

PS - Remind me to post the dress I got at Fun Junk. I need to press it and take it in some in the bust, but it is GORGEOUS and fits perfectly (except for the bust) and I can't wait for the right occaision to wear it!


toccara said...

Cool stuff! I like your tatoos and i want one on my foot... I want a butterfly but I am not sure if its ok for me to get one with my religion. Also I wanted my eyebrows tatooed on to get a perfect shape. IDK i have to read on it to see! But I like them and I hope I can take the pain if and when I get one(s) have a great night!

sarah said...

holy crap... i wish that i could find stuff like that at a bargain price! i only end up finding -- ummm, NOTHING! haha. anyway, i totally love that bracelet... and those brooches are just so cute!


hope you have a great weekend,

Heather said...

Cute stuff Kelsy! Wish you could come shopping with me- I never find anything that great!

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