Time - in Bullets

It's blog hop day again, and again I don't have a project to show. The subject this week was "time" or "remember" and I had something in mind... I just, well, ran out of time! There is never enough, could be 8 days a week and I would still be stressing for more time. More time for what exactly, just more.


Here are some quick bullets of things I have been meaning to address in their own posts but I just haven't had the time (and our home computer finally died, sad) and I'm lazy!

  • To Nancy - I still have your package. It's under my desk ready to go, I just keep forgetting to grab it when I go to the post office.
  • To Margaret - Still haven't forgotten your blog candy. I think we need to touch base to talk about it so please email me (or I will email you, if I find the time)
  • To the 4 people I owe PIF's to - They will be coming! Promise!
  • All ASP swaps are on their way. It's just one, I think, needing to be mailed to Crystal, so thats's on it's way.
  • The other two blog swaps, will be mailed by the 15th as promised. Of course I will wait 'till the last minute, but it won't be late!
  • My counselor gave me an assignment to think of 20 reasons why I am "worth fighting for" and I am having a really hard time. I think I am going to do a mini-book, no pictures. I need to stop relying on my looks for my self-esteem.
  • Things at home are "bumpy" but we are trucking on. See previous bullet.
  • It's LUNCH TIME!

I'll be back sometime later this week, hopefully, with a picture post from this past weekend. And if you miss me, you can follow me on Twitter. I can tweet from my phone so I'm almost always on there!

Thanks for stopping in, now hop along to the next stop!



Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

You know I love ya babe! You ARE worth fighting for. I look forward to seeing your mini book!

Julia said...

i really hope you are back on-line and blogging again soon! i miss you, dear!! know you are such a beautiful person on the inside, even if you weren't so beautiful on the outside (which you ARE!) if you need anything, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Mini book!!! Can't wait to see it. I'm so excited for our swap.
P.S What's your favorite color?

SSShasta said...

Keep truckin, Kelsy! I can't wait to see your mini book too, they are always fab ;)

ME said...

Kelsy... I just wanted to say.. I *HEART* you!! I hope you know i'm here if you ever need to talk, vent, cry... whatever.. you have my number... text me sometime :) LUV YA!!

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