Weekend Redux - in Bullets

  • I did not go to Funk Junk on Friday. Be proud. This is a big deal.
  • Went shopping in my mom's closest and found some cool outfits that no longer fit her. I love "shopping"
  • Power is shut of due to some miscommunitcation between Hubs and I. It was turned back on that t, but it really sucked to come home to a sweltering house with a three year old and no TV.
  • We had plans to go out together, but our normal sitters were all busy so I ended up having a ladies night. That was awesome.
  • I think, no... I'm pretty sure I did brake my toe. Ouch. Flip flops, drunken-ness and crowded bars are not a good idea.
  • My best friend/maid of honor/partner in crime, Kristin, moved back to town. Giddy happieness! Love that girl so much and I am so happy she is home. She's my favorite.


  • Got home at 4am. BFF and I had to stop for pie at Sherri's after leaving the bar. Well, she had breakfast... I had pie.
  • Hubs was not in the mood when I got home. Disappointing.
  • But he did let me sleep off my hangover.
  • Took Goose to Lakefair and she had a blast. This year she was actually tall enough to ride the rides. It was awesome. Daddy and I took turns going with her. She's still not a fan of the roller coaster though.
  • Naptime!
  • Got a sitter. Time to pre-funk.
  • Hubs and I went down town (together!) and hit up the fair food. I ate an elephant ear. YUMMY!
  • Then we went to a bar... got a drink... then hit up Jake's for polish dogs. YUMMY!
  • Met Sam at the Royal and drank too much. Got naughty in the corner booth.
  • Car died literally as we were pulling into the driveway.


  • HUNGOVER! UGH! Not able to function like a living person until about noon.
  • Make lunch for Goose then go for a walk around the 'Hood.
  • Painted our toes, ate popscicles, played in the sprinkler, and lounged in the sun.
  • Naptime! For all three of us.
  • Hubs and I remember the car troubles so we go to take a look. He checks fluids, oil is low so he fills it with 5qts. Damn.
  • Turn the car on the leave to go to my IL's for dinner. Car is literally pissing oil. 5qts... all over my driveway. Nice.
  • Hubs calls AAA.
  • Tow driver comes, jacks it up then decides that the problem is the oil filter is loose. Okay.... I'm no expert on cars but to me that sounds indicitive of a bigger problem. I vote that it be taken to the shop anyway. I'm outvoted.
  • Car drives home from the store w/ a new oil filter and seems fine.


  • Hubs goes into work at 6, car drives fine. Comes back home at 8 to pick me up and take me to work.
  • Sitter (Hubs bro) arrives and we get in the car to leave. Won't start. Sounds like a dead battery.
  • Try to jump my car with Bro's truck and it makes a noise I have never heard in my life.
  • Why did no one listen when I said we should still take it to the shop w/ the tow truck last night?
  • Got a ride from Bro to work... still gonna need to find a ride home. Got 'till 5 to figure that out though!
  • Hoping today improves... can't go anywhere but up... right?

I took lots of pics at the fair when we took Goose, so be on the look out for that in the near future!


POST-EDIT: At least I did get some good loving from Hubs. Realy good loving. That is always fun, especially last night... maybe that's why I am so tired today.


megan said...

Jakes? Like the gay bar Jakes on 4th? I <3 that place.

KelsyC said...

FUCK YEA!!!! They have the BEST weiners... but would you ecpect anyless from a gay bar? Hahah

lacey said...

Awwwwww kelsy huge hugs! Hopefully ur week goes better than ur weekend did :(

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