Gosse-y Montanta

It wasn't long ago when Goose would scream "No Tanna! No Tanna!" whenever Hannah Montana would come on the TV. Now... she has several "Hannah Montana" outfits, and was telling me that she was the "prettiest, best singer ever." Holy moly, it starts already!

Goose told me, when she grows up, she wants to be a rock star.

Just like her mother...

Only for me is was Jem that I idolized. I was a Rockette. I had the tape, a fake microphone, and an 80's-licioous rock star costume. I was the shit and Goose is pretty awesome her-rockin-self!

You can't see them, but she has blue (to match the shirt) zebra print leggin's under her jean skirt. She looks rockin'!


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