Wardrobe Remix - Like the Wind!

  • Jeans (Old Navy $19, Sweetheart cut)
  • Black Boots(don't I look tall?)
  • T-shirt (from Ross, under $7)
  • Camisole (Old Navy $5)
  • Baubles (necklace from Wet Seal $5-ish)
  • Bracelets (personal collection, included the bullet bracelet from Fun Junk)



Bonnie said...

I love seeing you on your blog more! I am happy to read updates. Glad you are feeling better and hope to see you around more. Love the clothing posts. I wish you could pick my clothes for me. :)

lacey said...

I love that you are becoming you again :) It's GREAT to see! I Know you've been through some SHIT lately.. but it's getting better and I'm happy that it is :) I love reading your blog!!

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